Smile the bot

This discord bot was made and developed for your server community to have fun and management in your discord server! With a whole RPG system and a lot of roleplay commands for your members to use!

PC Discord


Create your own server-based economy


High-quality, community-focused chat games


Over 33 roleplay command for your community


Daily rewards and vote rewards to colect


Easy to set up and a lot of customization

Levels & XP

Get XP by using the RPG game and rank up to be the highest

Smile bot features

This bot specifically focuses on the RPG system. This is also the main way of getting XP, coins, and other stuff. I’ve also implemented roleplay commands and some setup commands for the admins to set the bot correctly up.

This bot also has a verify system, you can toggle this off if you want. All information about how to set the bot up can be found here.

Below there will be more info about the bot in detail. Things like the member profiles, RPG system, and more.

Member Profiles

Get your personal profile to check your stats. When creating a profile for the first time you’ll get a random crystal that decides what group you’re part of and gives your profile a color!
Every crystal color stands for an element: red is fire, blue is water and yellow is electricity.

All the way at the top of your profile you’ll see your adventurer rank. there are ten different ranks available and you’ll get a new rank name every ten ranks all the way up to level hundred. These are the following ranks: Rookie, Traveler, Knight, Guardian, Savant, Master, SuperiorChampion, Hero, and Legend.

Your level that is shown on your profile is your adventurer level also called your main level.

Inventory System

This bot has an advanced inventory system. You can browse through your inventory with the buttons under. 

You can check the following inventory: Hunting inventory, Advanturting inventory, Fishing inventory, Crafting inventory, Mining inventory, Foresting inventory, and the Farming inventory.

Every inventory category has its own items from the specific profession and items you can get while for intense going hunting.

Professions And Levels

Professions info coming soon

Main Purpose

Main Purpose info coming soon

Roleplay Commands

Roleplay Commands info coming soon

roleplay commands
This bot was built by BjornV